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Cook with wine that you’d like: If you won’t like a particular wine in a glass, do not use it for cooking. Start with the most basic wines, either red or white. Avoid the labelled cooking wines in the initial days. These are wines with too much salt and additives that you won’t like it served in a glass.

Replace water with wine: A lot of times you are unsure about using wine for cooking. As a rule of thumb, use wine where you can use it to replace water. It is pretty much too basic of a principle to follow easily. The wine offers the moisture like water does, plus it offers a flavour on its own.

Add to gravy for flavour: What’s more fun way to make your gravy tastier than adding wine to it. You can add wine to gravy after it is cooked. Stir only a couple of tablespoon of wine at a time. Rinse and repeat till you achieve the desired taste for your spicy gravy.


Heat wine before cooking: You have to reduce wine with heat before cooking begins. You need to do it to ensure best results. It can form nice sauce over time prior to cooking. It makes the pan ready for the food too. It provides the right moisture to the food. It prepares the pan or pot for cooking.

Use wine to sauté dish: Some dishes badly require proper sauté. Oil is used to add the needed extra fat to your food. For the purpose of added flavour, you can mix wine with oil. Heat your wine before adding the food. Nevertheless, never let the wine boil since it results in loss of flavour. You can also cook with a pressure cooker to add flavour to your dishes. Have a look at some
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Marinate food with wine: You can also use wine to marinate foods. It has a tenderizing effect on meats. Wine can be used to marinate vegetables before grilling, roasting or baking them. Wine works the best cause of its room temperature. You can pour it directly on meat or vegetables.

Use wine for baking: In addition to cooking wine, you can also find sweet wine and dessert wine in your local stores. These wine make nice additions to baked goods and desserts. You can splash good amount of wine on top of ice cream and cheesecake too. You can add sherry in baked goods recipes too.

Use in right quantity: Like proper seasoning, adding wine to food should follow certain rules in terms of quantity. If you use too little you can’t feel its presence. If you use it in excess, it can be too overpowering. Try with smaller amounts and work your way up as you gain an expertise in cooking with wine.

Trial or error at first: Cooking with wine is a delicate practice. You can improve your hand with experience. Have an open mind to try our many possible combinations. The more you cook with wine, you can predict taste and flavour better. Cooking with wine can only be a trial or error practice at first.



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