Cava Boutari

Cava Boutari continues to be an authentic example of a red aged wine that promotes the art of the winemaker in the selection and blending of the best wines of each vintage.Deep red colour with terracotta tints, a rich bouquet of ageing, with distinct aromas of dried fruit, plum, fig, and forest fruit jam. These co-exist with sweet spices, with vanilla dominating. Rich taste, excellent balance, complexity and long aftertaste.

Boutari Kallisti

Kallisti (“most beautiful”) was the name given to the island of Santorini about 4,500 years BC, due to its incomparable beauty. The lower degree of ripening of the selected raw materials results in an aromatic character with finesse, overflowing with citrus and exotic fruits.Brilliant white colour and a strong fruity character of apple, peach and other white-skinned fruit that reveal the variety’s origin. Elegant, round, full-bodied, good acidity and a characteristic aftertaste in the mouth.

Boutari Iouliatiko

The red indigenous variety “liatiko” is mainly found in Crete and dates back to ancient times. It probably owes its name to its early ripening, since it matures in July – the 7th (VII) month of the year. It offers dry wines, with a high alcoholic content and strong red colour, but also sweet, sun-dried wines with a rich aroma and full taste. “Iouliatiko” borrowed its name from the earlier appellation of this variety.Brilliant purple colour, with strong brown hues. Complex bouquet, which when stirred in the glass, reveals aromas of dried fruit, nuts, coffee and cocoa. Very good structure, rich greasy taste, balanced with a strong ageing aroma and long-lasting aromatic aftertaste.

Boutari Iliada

Ilida is the result of long-term experimentation at the privately-owned Boutari vineyard. The cosmopolitan varieties Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer, combined with the indigenous Moschofilero variety, offer a truly charming wine, with an intense aromatic potential and a complexity of characteristics.Intense golden-yellow colour, complex bouquet combining exotic fruit, melon, orange peel and honey, with aromas of the barrel, vanilla, nuts and chocolate. The strong aromatic palate, very full, structured, balanced and with a strong full body up to the finish.

Boutari Naoussa

The first Greek red bottled VQPRD wine to enter the Greek market, constituting a landmark for red wines in Greece. For 6 generations, it has been enjoyed by consumers, introducing young people to the experience of red wine and rewarding its loyal friends with its consistent, timeless quality.Typical, classic wine of Naoussa. Deep red colour with an intense personality. It produces a rich bouquet of ripe red fruit, blackberry and plum, together with sun-dried tomato and the aromas derived from ageing, cinnamon and wood. A rich body, good balance and structure, soft tannins in its finish.

Boutari Santorini

SANTORINI Boutari is a wine that not only promoted the vineyards of Santorini to the world but also one of the noblest of Greek Vitis vinifera varieties of the Mediterranean, Αssyrtiko. A wine with a particular metallic tinge that fully expresses the character of this variety.Yellow-white colour, with aromas of exotic and citrus fruits, green apple, peach and grapefruit. A refined wine, zesty, with an intense metallic character, a rich body, wonderfully balanced taste and a long and strong aromatic aftertaste.

Boutari Vinsanto

VINSANTO Boutari is a very special wine, one of the best known in Greece, with a worldwide reputation. Its name originates from Vino di Santorini (Wine of Santorini) that has gradually led to its present name.Characteristic orange-yellow colour due to the “sun-dried” grapes and the number of years in the barrel. Intense, complex aroma, dominated by the ageing process effect. Reminiscent of honey, fruits glacés, raisins and spices. Rich taste and excellent balance, due to the acidity of the Αssyrtiko. Particularly long aromatic aftertaste.

Boutari Moschofilero

In an effort to literally save the Moschofilero variety from extinction and in recognition of the enormous potential of this strongly aromatic variety, Boutari created one of the most famous brand names on the market in history. The Moschofilero Boutari is now synonymous with the Moschofilero variety and has gained international recognition, as one of the most versatile wines that amaze the international cuisines.Yellow-white colour with tints of green-yellow, a strong varietal aroma of flowers and citrus fruit on the nose and palate, with white rose and orange blossom prevailing. A fresh wine, full and balanced, with a long aftertaste.

Boutari Grande Reserve

Grande Reserve Naoussa is the trademark of Boutari Wineries since it is one of its first and best-known wines. A genuine example of a red aged wine that first introduced to the market the concept of a limited, controlled production made from grapes from selected vineyards.A rich wine with a deep red colour and terracotta tints. The sweet aromas of dried fruit, dominated by tomato and fig, blend with the aromas of ageing, like cinnamon, vanilla, wood and spices. A potent wine, with a body characterized by an abundance of mature tannins, a result of the long ageing process. Lasting aftertaste.